Unique variety show Bacchanalia lined up for 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

This article is from 2014

Unique variety show Bacchanalia lined up for 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Cabaret, magic, burlesque, comedy and circus line-up successfully peddling comedy and smut hosted by Titty Bar Ha Ha

‘As clichéd as it sounds, with all the unrest in the country on so many fronts, people need escapism. They need the wonder.’ Boo Dwyer of Titty Bar Ha Ha explains that elusive attraction cabaret enjoys. ‘It is the comedy equivalent of when TV went into colour. I think people want sparkle and glitter at a time when things are sometimes quite bleak.’

‘Bleak’ is far from the word to describe the Titty Bar Ha Ha-hosted Bacchanalia. Grabbing some of the best cabaret, magic, burlesque, comedy and circus in Edinburgh this year and chucking them into a room together, Bacchanalia aims for a carnival mood. With no two nights the same, this is cabaret at its most familiar, dusted in variety and smut.

‘Cabaret is like the pick’n’mix of the entertainment world,’ Dwyer continues. ‘It doesn’t matter what you go for, sometimes you’re going to love it, sometimes you’re going to hate it, sometimes just pick the hair off it and wonder if it was meant to be there, but but you’ll keep going in for more.’

The show promises a ‘headline only cast’, including Hope & Gloria (Titty Bar Ha Ha), Bey Dance creator (and diva) Liz Cahalan and Melbourne’s chanteuse comedian Elena Glitter-Gabrielle.

‘We want people to leave our show saying “that wasn’t what I expected, but it made me feel alive and awesome!”,’ says Dwyer.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, 2–24 Aug (Fri--Sun only; Thu 7 & 14 also), £10--£12. Preview 1 Aug, £6.


Bac·cha·na·li·a: a revelry of the very best cabaret, circus, magic, comedy and burlesque at the Fringe. Hosted by TittyBarHaHa. Featuring all star lineups from around the globe, no night out is ever the same! Book early, revellers – this is one party you don't want to miss! From the production team behind Phatcave…