This is Brasil - The Show set for 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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This is Brasil - The Show set for 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Music, dance, film and football in an exuberant production celebrating the spirit of carnival

The World Cup may have dampened the spirits of Brasil’s residents, but as audiences will witness this August, triumphing over adversity is in the country’s DNA.

Led by Brasilian singing sensation, Magary Lord, This is Brasil – The Show brings together live music, capoeira, dance and a sporting phenomenon known as freestyle football – this time featuring actual world champions.

‘It’s always inspiring to see how much talent there is in the simplest, most underprivileged areas of the world,’ says producer, Toby Gough, who has been rehearsing the show in Rio de Janeiro. ‘The cast and musicians are coming to Edinburgh with a passion, to escape the World Cup blues and remind everyone that they’re still the kings and queens of carnival.’

The performers will do their best to conjure up the sunshine, spirit of the favelas and beautiful nature of their homeland – but to help them along, Gough commissioned filmmakers to take us all on a journey to Brasil (including a bird’s eye view of the new Maracanã stadium shot from a helicopter).

‘It’s all set to some stunning film projections that provide the visual backdrop,’ says Gough. ‘We went to Rio and Salvador to work with the cast, so audiences can see the world that these performers come from – and then see them on the stage in Edinburgh in front of their eyes.’

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 2–25 Aug (not 12), 8pm, £13.50-£17 (£11--£15). Previews 30 Jul-1 Aug, £8.

This is Brasil - Ensaio - Estúdio

This is Brasil - The Show

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