The Warriors: A Love Story visits Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

This article is from 2014

The Warriors: A Love Story dance piece visits 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Multi-media dance ensemble captures war-time romance inspired by American-German couple

Sifting through a trunk of mementos after his grandmother’s death, a young musician starts to see his grandparents through different eyes. When they fell in love; how she, a young German dancer, survived the 1945 bombing of Dresden; their post-war life in America. It’s a story of courage, humanity and love – made all the more potent because it’s true.

Based on the lives of Glenn and Ursula Gray, The Warriors: A Love Story is the latest work by Texas-based company, ARCOS. Choreographed by Curtis Uhlemann and Erica Gionfriddo, the script, music and video come courtesy of Eliot Gray Fisher – the grandson of Glenn and Ursula.

Used to creating work inspired by movement, music and ideas, this was a new challenge for the choreographers. ‘Working from a true story was hard to wrap our heads around at first,’ Gionfriddo admits. ‘We quickly realised, however, that we weren’t recounting events as a documentary would, rather telling Eliot’s story from our perspective.’

Interviews with those who knew Glenn and Ursula formed part of the company’s research, and ensured that the human story lies at the heart of this war-time drama.

‘We are losing survivors from that era,’ says Gionfriddo, ‘and this personal viewpoint must continue to be told before it gets lost in the history books that record presidents, chancellors and generals, but not the countless regular people who were swept up in the broad scope of war.’

Known for its astute use of interactive video and multi-media, ARCOS has learned to strike a fine balance between on-stage and on-screen action.

‘We live in a media-saturated society,’ says Gionfriddo. ‘So as live performers our challenge is to use enough new media to be relevant to contemporary audiences, but use it differently enough so they have an undeniably “live” experience in the theatre.’

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, 3–24 Aug, 8.30pm, £12 (£10). Previews 1 & 2 Aug, £8.

The Warriors: A Love Story (2014)

The Warriors: A Love Story

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Ines Wurth Presents Searching through his grandmother’s trunk after her death, Eliot, a young musician, is transported into the past by the physical mementos he encounters. Moment after fractured moment reveals the intertwined lives of Ursula, a German dancer and survivor of the allied bombing of Dresden, and Glenn, an…