Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014: Alan Davies sees the importance of Little Victories

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014: Alan Davies sees the importance of Little Victories

Photo: Tony Briggs

The comedian and QI regular's second comeback show is a reflection on childhood

Alan Davies recently announced that his forthcoming Edinburgh gigs will contain no material whatsoever on the independence referendum. Unless people want to have a show of hands, that is. Given the right royal stooshie that occurred when he previously made some public comments about the Hillsborough disaster, Davies is more than wise to try and keep controversy to a minimum.

None of which is to say that he can’t be a challenging comedian. During the publicity rounds for Life is Pain, the 2012 set which marked his return to stand-up after a whole decade away, he discussed family tragedy and his time in therapy. But when it came to being back up on stage, he reverted to type as the jovial jester with a laddish streak and a twinkle in his eye.

As for Little Victories, his new touring show which alights upon the Conference Centre for four dates, he’ll be reflecting on his existence as a fortysomething dad of two young children, as well as going further back to his own childhood. There, he’ll dredge up recollections of a thoroughly memorable (though not for all the right reasons) school trip to Italy and the often extortionate price of tennis balls in the 1970s. And unless he happens to be popping by the EICC of an early August evening, at least there’ll be no Stephen Fry around to tell him off.

EICC, 0844 847 1639, 6–9 Aug, 9pm, £20 (£18).

Alan Davies: Little Victories

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