A bit of the hard stuff: six controversial comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

This article is from 2014

A bit of the hard stuff: six controversial comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

Gavin Webster

Featuring Dangerfield: Sex with Children, AIDS: A Survivor’s Tale and Kitten Killers

In the maze that is the Edinburgh Fringe, sometimes the best plan for an act is to simply think up a controversial title in order to sell tickets. Gavin Webster clearly couldn’t come up with one, so the popular Geordie comic brings us, quite literally, A Controversial Title in Order to Sell Tickets (The Stand III & IV, 31 Jul–24 Aug, 5.50pm).

Other shows have certainly gone for the Daily Mail’s jugular (assuming that paper knows the Fringe or Edinburgh actually exist) with Dangerfield: Sex with Children (The Hive, 4–23 Aug, 9pm) a sure-fire headline-maker while Josh Howie should invoke intrigue and outrage with AIDS: A Survivor’s Story (Canons’ Gait, 2–23 Aug, 2.25pm).

Scottish comics Viv Gee and John Scott have injected a little bit of politics into their otherwise wonderfully profane Anything’s Better Than These Cunts (Beehive Inn, 3–21 Aug, 5.10pm) while Kitten Killers (Underbelly, 30 Jul–25 Aug, 2.45pm) almost doesn’t bear thinking about. And Foul Play: The Fucking Nasty Show (Pleasance Dome, 1–23 Aug, 11pm) is Comedy 4 Kids in reverse as stand-ups are invited to spill their spleens with the most hardcore material they possess in their armoury.

Anything's Better than These C**ts

Viv Gee and John Scott get together to take the piss out of politics, discuss independence and generally rail against Tories.

Kitten Killers

  • 3 stars

Join Kitten Killers for an hour of quick fire sketches, silly songs and some rather inappropriate mime in a show that ‘will make you laugh until your sides hurt’ (Everything-Theatre.co.uk). Kitten Killers skillfully blend sketch and musical comedy in a debut show that skirts the line of appropriateness, gleefully playing…

Foul Play. The F*cking Nasty Show

Brett Vincent for Get Comedy, TheProducersUK and Pleasance Theatre Trust A hard-hitting line-up of the worlds top comics performing their filthiest, most acidic and downright dirty sets. Expect pure filth, near the knuckle jokes and shocking, edgy stand-up not for the fainthearted. Bad language guaranteed. The late night…

Josh Howie – AIDS: A Survivor's Story

  • 4 stars

Stand up comic who loves a controversial topic.

Dangerfield: Sex with Children

  • 3 stars

Chris Dangerfield / Heroes (PWYW) This isn't a play on words, it's about sex with children. You do not have to have been abused to attend. 'A natural physical comedian, a rubber-physiognomist with superb timing, and prepared to hot-wire his own psyche in pursuit of emotional range' (Will Self). 'The most controversial…

A Controversial Title In Order To Sell Tickets

Gavin Webster There are those, the outsiders, that like to shock us all, that like to fire poisonous sound bites into the pits of our souls to question our own accepted comfortable western identity. Are they rebels? Do they do it as a relief valve for life's biggest horrors? Do they want to kick start their own careers by…