Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Chelsea Manders - Don't Tell My Dad

This article is from 2014

Big Fat Fringe Bribe blog 2014: Chelsea Manders - Don't Tell My Dad

The Canadian comedian buys some exposure with a classy bottle of icewine

Despite trying to emphasise the tongue-in-cheek nature of our Big Fat Fringe Bribe, there are always one or two performers who go above and beyond with their payola. Possibly not realising that she could get away with an ornamental bottle-stopper, Canadian comedian Chelsea Manders went up a notch and sent us a bottle of (what we've discovered is) rather pricey icewine. Happily though, she didn't pay for it herself, as explained in her accompanying note:

'It's from my Dad's liquor cabinet – don't tell him.'

Chelsea's show, Don't Tell My Dad, is on at Assembly George Square from 30 Jul – 25 Aug (not 11) at 10.30pm.

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Existential Baby Lullaby

Chelsea Manders: Don't Tell My Dad

  • 3 stars

Chelsea Manders How Chelsea overcame a supportive middle class upbringing becoming the disturbed woman she is today! A Canadian Comedy Award winner (Best Solo Show), Chelsea sings sweet songs with a twisted, razor-sharp edge about issues like cannibalism, talking dirty en Francais, polygamy and existential babies.