Great British Bake Off star Glenn Cosby cooks up some recipes for the Edinburgh Festivals 2014

This article is from 2014

Life’s What You Bake It

credit: Steve Ullathorne

'Irvine Welsh makes me think sweet rather than savoury and to include whisky and poppy seed'

Having produced works of wonder during the Great British Bake Off, Glenn Cosby shows up at the Fringe with Food Junkie. We asked him to solve some culinary queries from movers and shakers around the festival

Nick Barley, Edinburgh International Book Festival director: If you had to create a radically new national dish called the Referendum Pie, popular with Irvine Welsh as well as AL Kennedy, what ingredients would you use?
Glenn: Irvine Welsh makes me think sweet rather than savoury and to include whisky and poppy seed. And I always think of AL Kennedy as being quite dark and sharp. Like good dark chocolate.

David Allfrey, Tattoo producer: Some say that the best steak and haggis pie in the world is served in the Offi cer’s Mess at Edinburgh Castle. How would you propose to better it?
Glenn: I would braise Aberdeen Angus blade very slowly with 80/- and caramelised onions for four hours. In a buttery, fl aky pastry, I’d layer haggis, beef and another layer of haggis before topping with a pastry lid. Bake until golden brown and you have beef, haggis and Heavy pie.

Roger Spence, Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival producer: Taking inspiration from the jazz classic, ‘Cornbread, Peas and Black Molasses’, how do you make the perfect cornbread?
Glenn: Polenta is easier to fi nd than American cornmeal; mix well and rest the dough before you bake it. I like fresh corn and jalapenos in the dough, so that it’s a soft yet spicy taste of soul food.

Jonathan Mills, Edinburgh International Festival director: Is parsley the ultimate garnish?
Glenn: Parsley as a garnish is like a panto: irredeemably naff but hard not to be secretly fond of. Food doesn’t need a garnish, so unless you’re serving parsley soup, forget it!

Fringe comic Jason Cook (not actually a cook): Place these in order of lushness: roll, bap, stotty cake (CLUE: the lushest one is last).
Glenn: As the son of a north easterner, I am 100% in agreement with Jason about the stotty. It has to be slathered with pease pudding and shrouded in quality ham; it doesn't get lusher than that. The bap comes next just because of the name, followed by the roll.

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