Edinburgh Festivals 2014: Game of Thrones-themed events

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  • 22 July 2014

This article is from 2014

Edinburgh Festivals 2014: Game of Thrones Mania

George RR Martin, Joffrey, Lady Olenna Tyrell, Jory and Orell take on the capital this summer

It seems that everywhere you look these days, someone is banging on about Game of Thrones. Like here, for example. Even Edinburgh is being drawn into the battle, what with that designer guy who recently produced a viral version of the GoT opening credits, replacing the Seven Kingdoms with the landmarks of Auld Reekie. And here are some people and events which will be bringing a wee bit of Westeros to the capital in August

Collapsing Horse

Not in fact a reference to the nag which got chopped in half by the Mountain (his idea of a post-joust warm-down), but the Irish theatre company which features Jack Gleeson aka the late and little lamented King Joffrey. That’s him pictured above, having just chopped some doves to shit while getting his wedding pie ready. Still, at least he got his comeuppance shortly afterwards. If you throw coins at Sigur Rós, you’ll just have to suffer a painful death.

Diana Rigg

She played the wonderfully salty matriarch of the Tyrells who had more than a hand in young Joffrey’s ‘untimely’ demise. We got the great Dame at one end of a phone for some chat about her upcoming show on nasty theatre critics (and card-playing on the GoT set).

George RR Martin

The main man is chatting about all things Ice and Fire-related at the Book Festival. Your mission is to try and come up with a question he’s never been asked before. Good luck with that one.

Mackenzie Crook

Still most famous as Gareth in The Office, he cropped up as mean wildling, Orell. We all knew his game was up when he started muscling in on Jon Snow’s affections for Ygritte and later, as he tried to send them to their deaths while climbing up that massive wall. He’s also in Charlotte Square Gardens, chatting about warg-free kids books.

Winter is Coming

The inevitable themed comedy hour about the show, named after what amounts to a Game of Thrones catchphrase. They’ve had all that one-man Star Wars and Potted Potter gear over the years, so why not.

Jamie Sives

As one of Ned Stark’s captains, Sives met his end via a thick dirk through the eye during an almighty scrap in King’s Landing. Fingers crossed the Embra-born actor gets out of the EIF’s James Plays with all his bits intact.


At the telly festival, there’s a talk about how HBO reinvented the small screen wheel. They’ll be mentioning Game of Thrones in that, we bet. Seven hells to them if they don’t.