Documentary highlights from the 2014 Edinburgh Just festival

This article is from 2014

Just festival

The event formerly known as the Festival of Spirituality and Peace

The event formerly known as the Festival of Spirituality and Peace goes from strength to strength and with talks, exhibitions, music and workshops around various venues, Just will be equally as prominent and hectic as any of the other festivals around town. The film programme, in particular, looks as though it will have a significant impact.

Their Slavery on Film strand features three documentaries. Tango Negro looks at the dance culture which is traditionally connected to Argentina, but which actually has its roots in Africa and the slaves who were taken to South America. They Are We is the story of how a family which was separated by the transatlantic slave trade for almost two centuries was finally brought together while The Price of Memory looks at the visible ruins left by slavery in Jamaica and also explores the British royal family’s past as investors in the trade.

Plus, there’s Songs from Soweto: An A Cappella Journey which depicts the lives of five musicians from the famous township, while Beyond the Veil and Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre present short films on women’s rights.

Just, various venues, 0800 411 8881, 1–25 Aug.

Just Festival

Just Festival offers a programme to help people explore their spirituality by engaging with others and promoting peace with live music, talks, dance shows and exhibitions.

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