Adam Buxton: Kernel Panic (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Adam Buxton: Kernal Panic

Maximum stupidity and joyous silliness from tech-heavy video show

The title 'Kernel Panic' is derived from the technical term when everything with your computer goes pear shaped. It's the one thing that certainly doesn't happen in Buxton's show – apart from the obligatory 'oh no the MacBook's crashed gag'. But then The List were in on the final night of his four-night run at the Fringe, so there had been plenty of time to smooth out any technical wrinkles, and besides Buxton's been tinkering with the internet since it was in its infancy and is so teched-up, rumour has it he has a bionic arm.

'Kernel Panic' is of the same ilk as the material that he has been regularly showcasing at his Bug shows at the BFI in London over the last six years. There may be grey in the beard these days but the joyous silliness of his Adam and Joe days is still very much in evidence as we take a intrusive trawl through Buxton's My Documents. There's plenty to see and probably many gags that you miss first time around.

A great deal of the material is derived from Buxton's doctoring for maximum stupidity of things he's found on the internet as well as adding a few films of his own. There are songs inspired by bald men and a whole tribute to David Bowie which at last pokes fun at the bizarre, rather Bo-selector -esque, 'Where Are We Now?' video. It's surprising how funny you can make something by simply pulling a face or dancing daftly.

In addition a chunk of the material derives laughs from the kind of bozo comments people leave on YouTube in response to films – there's a brilliant and rather simplistic explanation of the racial demographic of the whole of the African continent for example. For many of these there's really little else for Buxton to do once he's sourced them and edited them than to put on a silly voice to express them.

Nothing escapes Buxton's fiddling, there's even some visuals to go with Assembly's compulsory top of show announcement and the old TV test card has been doctored too.

Plus, there's a glimpse of the next Buxton generation as he's roped in his kids to help out in a couple of the skits. How long before they're doing there own Fringe show, Macs in hand?

Adam Buxton: Kernel Panic

  • 4 stars

The Invisible Dot Ltd. Cult buffoon, award-winning radio host and tech-lemming Adam Buxton looks within the soul of his laptop and considers how we present ourselves in the net age (he shows stuff he's made and reads out web comments). Just four nights. 'Adam Buxton would make a convincing claim to the title of funniest…