Wyrd (3 stars)

This article is from 2013


ImmerCity's effective site-specific seance

The audience is led to a darkened room by the three Wyrd sisters: Isabelle, a doctor, Lilith, who claims she's clairvoyant and Amanda, occupation unknown. The creepy, childlike Amanda plays psychological games with the audience by handing them insulting notes, feeding on their insecurity and thus setting the scene for a seance in which the audience is constantly involved and finally complicit in the downfall of a young couple's relationship.

Edinburgh's ghoulish history is used in a backstory where murder, sex and a tarnished reputation hover around the sisters' seance. However, this is the world of the classic unreliable narrator and things start to quickly unravel. Are the sisters what they claim to be?

Rosanna Mallinson and Clancy Flynn's story is good fun and Selma Glassel delivers a standout performance. Her Amanda is genuinely unnerving, with her red-eyed stare and permanent sniff, while Geraint Hill is also impressive as Joseph Warding, one of the couple who becomes increasingly wild-eyed and frantic as he realises he is becoming a puppet, ripe for manipulation.

As frothy as Victorian lace and not for the easily spooked or suggestible, Wyrd will bring out your inner goth.

Run ended.


  • 3 stars

ImmerCity (Ireland). An immersive thriller set in an old room that has been shut up for 30 years. Newlyweds Joseph and Fiona Warding have called three sisters to host a séance - to discover the truth behind Joseph's grandfather's brutal murder. The play explores the boundaries between reality, fiction and the paranormal.