Authors Helen FitzGerald and Sophie McKenzie explore dark territory at EIBF 2013

This article is from 2013

Authors Helen FitzGerald and Sophie McKenzie explore dark territory at EIBF 2013

The most recent books by the writers (The Cry and Close My Eyes respectively) explore parental fears

Here are two writers taking steps out of their comfort zones into darker territory, as Australian-born, Glasgow-based writer Helen FitzGerald explains: ‘I’ve never started with an inciting incident as terrible and as overwhelming as this before. It set a different tone for the book: more mature, less playful.’

The novel in question is The Cry, which Fitzgerald sums up in a series of headline-friendly soundbites: ‘A missing child. A cover-up. A toxic relationship. And a media frenzy.’

Appearing alongside FitzGerald is bestselling teen fiction author Sophie McKenzie with Close My Eyes, her debut novel for adults. Playing on the same kind of parental fears from a different angle, McKenzie gives us a main character who thinks her child died eight years ago, but she may not have the full picture.

If it all sounds a bit intense, audiences should be assured that these two incredibly prolific writers are entertainers first and foremost, and Fitzgerald describes her just-finished next novel as ‘Hitchcock’s Spellbound meets The Wicker Man’. Expect dark thrills, expertly delivered.

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Helen FitzGerald & Sophie McKenzie

Gripping moral dilemmas and mysterious tales of missing children are at the heart of Helen FitzGerald’s and Sophie McKenzie’s current writing. Glasgow-based Australian writer FitzGerald’s star has been on the rise since her debut, Dead Lovely, and The Cry will cement that reputation. McKenzie’s Close My Eyes is a…