It Needs Horses / Home for Broken Turns (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

It Needs Horses / Home for Broken Turns

credit: Benedict Johnson

Dance company Lost Dog's double bill explores feral and civilised behaviour

The same wayward energy runs through both pieces of this double-bill, as dance company Lost Dog probes the things that make us civilised and turn us savage.

Home for Broken Turns takes place in a strange, almost pastoral landscape. From the sparse set, hint of a fence and sound of buses rolling past, we feel on the edge of something; a mirror for the people on the fringes of society who live here.

Three feral women, one quiet loner and a skeleton inhabit this backyard, playing untamed, often bullying games with each other. Sometimes they try to catch the attention and sympathy of passers-by, begging and flirting monstrously. Other times they line up to kiss the skeleton’s bony hand before praying. But when feelings grow rough, they channel themselves into yanking trios and wild solos. Although it’s sometimes hard to see where the piece is heading, by the end, hints have started to creep through, of humans turning to dance and ritual when there are no other structures to their world.

It Needs Horses takes a brutal and comic look at two circus performers trying every trick in the book for approval. Desperate mugging, a panicked dance-off and ungainly acrobatics descend into violence and sex with tragicomic results. As Solène Weinachter turns a half-hearted burlesque into vulgar pornography, with Joan Clevillé pathetically holding out a hat for money, we are left wondering just how far people will debase themselves for the limelight.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 25 Aug, 11.40am, £12 (£10).

It Needs Horses and Home for Broken Turns

  • 3 stars

Prize winning company Lost Dog presents the darkly comic It Needs Horses, about two down-and-out circus performers who refuse to believe the show is over, and a new piece, Home for Broken Turns, choreographed by Ben Duke.