Interview: Wellington Ukulele Orchestra on how they do Edinburgh

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  • 21 August 2013

This article is from 2013

Interview: the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra describe how they do Edinburgh

The Orchestra's Bek Coogan and Gemma Gracewood provide a performer's guide to seeing the city

Can you sum up your show in five words?
Galactic. Joyful. Orgasmic. Family-friendly.

For anyone still on the fence, what’s a surefire selling point?
There is no stand-up comedy in our show, although we do play standing up.

What part of the Edinburgh festival do you most look forward to?
Stand-up comedians, particularly the ones with good social commentary since our show is all about joyful escapism from the hustle of the real world.

At the first sign of an August meltdown, what do you reach for?
Home cooking and naps usually sort us out. Failing that, whisky.

What other festival shows do you want to go see?
There are a dozen of us so we are spreading ourselves thin in an attempt to see everything. Favourites so far include Bridget Christie, New Art Club’s Feel About Your Body, Tom Binns is Ian de Montfort, No Holds Bard, Luisa Omielan’s ‘What Would Beyoncé Do?’, Hunt and Darton’s cafe, and the pants-wettingly funny personal show we get every evening in the green room from Jenny Éclair when we come off-stage.

What will you do on your days off?
See shows that clash with ours! Ride our secondhand bone-shaker bicycles down cobbled streets. Take a walk along the Water of Leith. Get out of town. Go to galleries. Do our laundry. Write to our mums.

Gilded Balloon Debating Hall, until 26 Aug (not 19) 6pm, £12.50–£13.50 (£11.50–£12.50).

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

WIOU in association with Gilded Balloon. If there were a Ukulele Orchestra Olympics, NZ's team would be suspected of steroid abuse, with their high-octane blazing solos, outrageous outfits, batty banter and unstoppable musical mischief. Joining forces seven years ago, these freaks of the four-string have become a cult…