Tim Key: Work-in-Slutgress

This article is from 2013

Tim Key: Work-in-Slutgress

Comedy Award winner brings us an excellent work-in-progress

If Tim Key’s 2011 Masterslut could have been dubbed his ‘bath show’, it looks like his next venture will be viewed as the ‘bed show’. This Work-in-Slutgress (man, he has really painted himself in a corner with the old Slut branding) that he is parading before us during the last leg of the Fringe is already shaping up as one of the clear comedy highlights of next year’s festival.

Many elements of the hour as it stands will be familiar to long-serving Key-ites: the power games chit-chat with his sound and vision facilitator (where once there was Fletch, there now appears to be Clancy), the verse written on cards that are duly flung around when finished or not even read from, the tenderly unobtrusive soundtrack (was that a bit of tinkling from The Killing?) and some banter with his crowd that veers from the blokey to the mildly intimidating.

So, what of this bed, then? As the crowd troop in, Key is lounging around on it, reading a bit, smiling at the incomers and waiting for silence to come. Our ‘poetical babe’ admits to loving a bed but hating bedtime (always did) and he lists the diverse folks who have passed through this very one. Without giving anything away, his scratcher (the only other available one-word synonym for ‘bed’) houses a surprise or two and is the focus for another memorable set-piece in a Tim Key Fringe extravaganza.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 25 Aug, 9.45pm, £12.


Opportunist poetical babe, Key, dives into an empty room for 12 NIGHTS ONLY to smash some new poems about. He will concern himself with beds, owls, hammock-technique and the ladies. Possibly some talk of India. A bit unfinished.“This is one art house form-buster who can really give you a good time.”TIMES“In any other…