Nathaniel Metcalfe: Enthusiast (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Nathaniel Metcalfe: Enthusiast

Making comedy hay with triviality

Enjoy an hour of storytelling at its finest with the curious Nathaniel Metcalfe. Guilty of having a little too much time on his hands, he has developed a series of bizarre fascinations with less-than-gripping subject matters over the years (trivia about ex-Art Attack presenter Neil Buchanan, anyone?).

However, Metcalfe’s skilled and confident – but in no way cocky – delivery manages to effortlessly hold the audience’s interest. Who would have thought that misheard retro theme tunes, old-school programmes such as Through the Keyhole and a brief obsession with a modern-day Oompa Loompa could provide quite so many laughs?

The self-confessed movie buff’s fresh and clever approach to picking apart classic film and TV shows from back in the day – items on which most people will already have an opinion, therefore dramatically reducing the risk of anyone not getting it – is nothing short of impressive.

Navigating the Free Fringe successfully can be a tricky business at times, but stumbling across a gem of a show like Enthusiast is a reminder of how worthwhile that search can be.

Cabaret Voltaire, 226 0000, until 24 Aug, 2.35pm, free.

Nathaniel Metcalfe: Enthusiast

  • 4 stars

Having wasted his life indulging his minor obsessions Nathaniel attempts to justify them to you. Hackney Empire finalist’s debut show. As heard on James Acaster’s Findings (BBC Radio 4). ‘Wonderfully quirky’ (Time Out). ‘Stuff of dreams’ (List). ‘There is a touch of the Stewart Lee about his delivery as he employs long…