Paul F Taylor Presents The Greatest Show in the World Ever (4 stars)

This article is from 2013.

Paul F Taylor Presents The Greatest Show in the World Ever

An unhinged, dizzying but quality hour

Having picked his show title for the Fringe brochure back in March, Paul F Taylor spent the intervening months searching for a mysterious Chinese man to buy The Greatest Show in the World Ever from. Cue a dodgy accent and a not-so-mysterious looking shoebox. Though the ‘greatest show’ bit doesn’t quite work out, this is a scatter shot jumble of brilliantly funny nonsense that tumbles from Taylor’s brain.

With very few linking devices and in the manner of an overgrown child, Taylor giddily performs an hour of material about greedy seagulls, cats who are like baked products and impressions of caterpillars in queues. But deceptively hidden within the apparent chaos are a series of convoluted call-backs: one about reserving seats with items of clothing that turns into one about jacket potatoes then pregnant women with their partner’s coats on their shoulders.

The dizziness belies plenty of snappy one-liners too; on the quiet, Taylor clearly knows what he’s doing. It’s a busy and slightly unhinged mind that comes up with these routines and yet he manages to wrap up proceedings surprisingly neatly. Great stuff.

Dram House Upstairs, 226 0000, until 24 Aug, 7.30pm, free.

Paul F Taylor Presents The Greatest Show in the World Ever

  • 4 stars

This show has been a tightly kept secret since the dawn of time. Paul F Taylor (New Act of the Year 2013) brings that show to your face! ‘For a genuinely distinctive set, look no further than Paul F Taylor, who talks about everyday observations but with a wonderful edge of surrealism’ ( ‘Tinges of Harry…


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