Chris Coltrane: Compassion is Subversive (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

Chris Coltrane: Compassion is Subversive

Political comic never quite hits the mark

As he steps on stage in front of a full house, Chris Coltrane enquires if we are all aware that this will be a political comedy show. Duly warned, the audience endures a long hour of idealistic views and Tory-bashing begins. Part activist and part comedian, Coltrane enthusiastically tackles the issues of austerity, energy, the current government and gay marriage.

To be fair, he avoids going on a rant and includes some delectably laughable quotes from Conservative politicians. His plan to saturate the Home Office’s phone lines over the ‘racist van’ scandal even sounds feasible, while his vision of turning a Starbucks into a daycare centre is one remarkable example of peaceful protest.

However, he never seems to feel entirely comfortable on stage and his delivery is somewhat questionable. His material would best work in a tighter set and the lecturing tone gets pretty wearisome after a while.

The show’s message and Coltrane’s purpose are nevertheless commendable: in a world of ever-greater inequality, we must strive to renew a more compassionate society.

Globe, 226 0000, until 24 Aug, 3.30pm,free.

Chris Coltrane: Compassion is Subversive

  • 2 stars

In a world where kindness has become a radical act, let's beat the Tories with love and punchlines! Join comedian and activist Chris Coltrane for an hour of political stand-up, protest stories and hardcore joy. If you love the NHS, libraries, feminism and fighting bad guys, then this is the show for you. Revolution 85…