Dustpan Odyssey (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Dustpan Odyssey

credit: Pascal Francois

Kitchen utensils take a life of their own in inventive recounting of Homer's Odyssey

Philippe Genty’s puppeteering company has gained international renown thanks to its imaginative use of a wide range of cultural influences and upbeat performances that capture the audience’s full attention. His latest piece, Dustpan Odyssey, is a magical and enthralling visual experience and constitutes one of the best puppetry shows on the Fringe.

The decade-long adventures of Ulysses are reinterpreted by an excellent multi-cultural cast who have let their imaginations loose. The mythological tale is recounted through the use of kitchen utensils and other miscellaneous objects such as chocolate wrappings, brushes and vegetables. Ulysses, cast as a corkscrew, appears less heroic than how he is usually portrayed in Homer’s story, but remains just as cunning .

The puppeteers, who take turns in playing the Greek hero, break free of the traditional staging which has them hiding in the shadows. Instead they play an integral part in the comic effect of this piece and offer an incredibly inventive show which will forever change the way you look at the inanimate objects laying in your home.

New Town Theatre, until Aug 25, 12.10pm, £12–£10 (£13–£11).

Dustpan Odyssey

  • 4 stars

Compagnie Philippe Genty. The great puppet master, Philippe Genty, invites us to join Ulysses and his shipmates for an incredible journey. Our hero is a corkscrew and sails on his indestructible vessel, which is nothing, but a … dustpan! This imagination without boundaries joyfully carries away kids and grown-ups in this…