Roll it in Sequins (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

Roll it in Sequins

Largely painful character sketch from the Heffernan/Fletcher duo

While the jokey revelation of the show’s title provides a mild hint of satisfaction, it really is much too little and far too late for this largely painful character sketch affair from Megan Heffernan and Sophie Fletcher.

They introduce us to the inhabitants of an office block during the drudgery of a full working day including a 57-year-old spinster trying to write an erotic novel, a young woman claiming sexual harassment at every conceivable turn, while a shouty boss holidaying abroad barks phoned instructions to his secretary that amount to a series of mission-impossible tasks. But most dreary of all are the Balls Busters, two business consultants who attempt to get their staff (us) to reach a fuller potential with ad-libbed material that never rises above the banal.

The cranked-up and totally agonising audience participation segments (including a combined assault on a bloke that just would not be tolerated had the genders been turned the other way around) do nothing to detract from the really poor fare on show.

Underbelly, Cowgate, 0844 545 8252, until 25 Aug, 3.40pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Roll It in Sequins

  • 2 stars

Heffernan and Fletcher. With dreams of Vegas in tatters, Heffernan & Fletcher find a way to deal with the post-sequin blues. Character comedy from winners of the Hat Trick Short & Funnies Award 2013. Heffernan & Fletcher previously co-founded comedy sketch group, The History Girls, who were Best Show nominees…