The 27 Club (1 star)

This article is from 2013

The 27 Club

Now That’s What I Call Tragic Dead People

When you decide to base your show around a tragic procession of musicians who have died aged 27, you are giving yourself some pretty big boots to fill. Jack Lukeman, an Irish fellow with last century’s facial hair and partial green nail varnish, has not got the chops for the jobs.

The strength of the songs is the downfall of the performer. Paint It Black, Purple Haze and Smells Like Teen Spirit deserve more than a posturing grave robber backed by a competent wedding band. Love is a Losing Game had undertones of Leonard Nimoy. His Killing Moon, slowed down to agony pace, performed in the X Factor ballad style, would have been laughable if people hadn’t paid good money to hear it.

Things looked up a little with a chunk of Robert Johnson but the constant exhortations to clap jarred. This is not joining in music. Had we wanted to whoop, cheer and provide a DIY rhythm section, we would have gone to Drum Struck.

The Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides, 668 2019, until 24 Aug, 6pm, £10–£13.

27 Club

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Jack Lukeman. 'Brillant live performer' ★★★★★ (Scotsman). 'The voice of an angel' ★★★★★ (Guardian). 'Mesmerising' ★★★★★ (Telegraph). Winner: Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award. The work of such iconic artists as Joplin, Doors, Robert Johnson, Rolling Stones, Winehouse, Bunnymen, Hendrix and Nirvana interpreted by Irish…