Colin Hoult: Characthorse (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Colin Hoult: Characthorse

credit: Edward Moore

Animated and multi-talented performer manages to tap into the innocence of a child's imagination

Colin Hoult regresses back to his childhood self in order to take us all on a highly amusing action packed adventure through the town of Snottingham, accessed through his old bedroom wall. He paints quite the vivid picture of his journey, frequently coming up against – and often running away from – an array of the fictional town’s rather strange inhabitants (all played by himself) on his quest to find the Characthorse.

A random series of events materialise including a special appearance from non-other than Sir Patrick Stewart. Well not quite, but with the help of a flesh coloured stocking placed on Hoult’s head the likeness is pretty uncanny and the laughs come thick and fast. Even non Star Wars fans will have difficulty not finding his Ewok line dancing interlude funny.

Hoult manages to tap into the innocence of a child’s imagination in a way that is still appealing to older audiences as he is careful not to overdo the silliness. You won’t regret spending an hour in the company of this extremely animated and multi-talented performer.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 26 Aug, 6pm, £8–£10.50 (£7–£9.50).

Colin Hoult: Characthorse

  • 4 stars

James Grant Comedy and Supporting Wall. The master of character comedy returns with a sublimely original hour of comic shape-shifting and supreme silliness. From the Writers' Guild Award-winner and star of Being Human (BBC3), Colin Hoult's Carnival of Monsters (Radio 4) and Life's Too Short (BBC2). 'Sheer comic gold' ★★★…