Gavin Crawford - A Bummer Abroad (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Gavin Crawford - A Bummer Abroad

Canadian character comedian mixes impressions, music and monologues with great success

This Canadian character comedian presents a disparate and unexpected show with impressions, music and monologue. Taking its inspiration from all sorts of areas, the only linking factor it seems is that they simply draw from Crawford's own points of interests. That and the fact that they are all exquisitely performed and beautifully written. Crawford obviously harbours a talent for mimicking voices, whether spoken or sung, and certainly knows how to pen a gag.

He begins by lurking at the back of the room dressed as the slightly crazed Fringe performer of the type that you see flyering the streets of Edinburgh at this time of year – all clashing patterns and bad hair. Then there's the macho auto repair man with a incongruous liking for lipstick, a preening Rufus Wainwright, an uncanny Snape of Harry Potter fame and Cole Porter had he been young in 2013. There are some plenty of great lines here to make you squeak with mirth.

A bummer abroad is how he describes himself, and we're glad he's found his way here.

Space @ Surgeons Hall, 510 2384, until 24 Aug, 9.20pm, £9 (£7.50).

Gavin Crawford - A Bummer Abroad

  • 4 stars

In this hit Canadian import, Canada's top character comedian combines music, monologue and impressions to skewer modern culture: from gay marriage to Grindr, Gaga to Hugh Jackman. 'Inventively funny… Smart, and timely' (Globe And Mail). Ages 14+.