Lucy Frederick - In Pursuit of Cool (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

Lucy Frederick - In Pursuit of Cool

Wild-eyed and delirious comedian would gain in tapping into her concealed madness

Lucy Frederick really wants to be Miranda Hart. Although she never admits this over her sporadically amusing hour, it infuses everything about her performance, from her bumbling middle class demeanour and her attempts at physical comedy to her abject failure with the opposite sex.

Wild-eyed and delirious, Frederick details her floundering attempts at being cool. It's clear that this doesn't come naturally to her and there is some mileage in the dichotomy between her disposition and her vacuous aspiration. Although she presents herself as flappy and affable there are moments when a more interesting dark side threatens to take over, but this creeping madness never really erupts, and it's a shame, as without that frisson Frederick's meandering tales float off into the ether.

Towards the end, Frederick cajoles audience members onstage to perform a fashion parade. It's telling that this brings about the biggest laughs, even though it's a wholly haphazard conclusion, with a number of the audience stood around like they've been forgotten about. And when Frederick is reduced to handing out paper hats to her audience, one after another, it’s clear she has nothing more to say.

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, 622 6801, until 25 Aug, 2pm, free.

Lucy Frederick - In Pursuit of Cool

  • 2 stars

Affable and slightly confused, Lucy Frederick invites you to join her in her tireless quest to be the cool kid in town. From onesies to catwalks, from dubstep (whatever that is) to knitting. Where is cool hiding these days? And can Lucy pin it down and rub it all over her face? With help from a couple of friends and the…