Luke and Harry's Journey to Sex Colony 01 (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Luke and Harry's Journey to Sex Colony 01

Baffling but really kind of wonderful creepy sci-fi odyssey

Titled ‘Journey to Sex Colony 01’, Luke Davies and Harry Carr’s show is a vaguely creepy sci-fi odyssey. It's as far removed from stand-up as you can get, the entire show is an immersive experience. Most of the audience will only sway, chant and dance but others will be pulled out for special treatment (it's consistently outlandish but never mean-spirited).

After a short, bizarre, introduction the show is split into three sections. The first is a rather lovely shadow puppet 'instructional video' (though unfortunately some of the text is hard to read); the second section is a gameshow (think The Generation Game via Space 1999); then the sacrifice …

Luke and Harry never actually speak, apart from whispered instructions and pre-recorded voiceovers, adding to the otherworldly feel. It's bound to split audiences: some will think it's utter shite while others will revel in its dystopian brilliance, and both arguments are perfectly valid. If you are willing to take the plunge you'll be rewarded with a unique experience that sits somewhere between pagan ritual, The Mighty Boosh and the cheapest weirdest episode of The Twilight Zone you've ever seen. Baffling but really kind of wonderful.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, 556 5375, until 24 Aug, 6.40pm, £10 (£8).

Luke and Harry's Journey to Sex Colony 01

  • 4 stars

Luke & Harry. All aboard the space balloon for some ceremonial cleansing. We're going voodoo on your jelly asses. 'Entertaining for those who stayed' ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks), ★★★★ (, ★★★★ ( Ages 12+.