Simon Munnery: Fylm (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Simon Munnery: Fylm

Fringe regular appears in a film/theatre mash-up with high gag rate

Gleefully playing with the conventions of sketch comedy, Munnery’s latest ‘fylm’ mixes super lo-fi animated cut-outs with his own disembodied talking head. The setup is a complex affair and it takes Munnery some time to explain, although he does so while maintaining a lively rapport with the audience. After tucking himself behind a camera with his props, he projects short handcrafted skits live onto a screen, using a foot pedal to alternate between his handiwork and his increasingly sweaty face.

Few of Munnery’s sketches outstay their welcome and he manages to cram in an astonishing number and variety. Of course some work better than others, notably an ingenious parody of a news bulletin title sequence and a wordy explanation of Pythagoras’ theorem. It’s only when musical accompanist Mick Moriarty plays a short solo that Munnery affords himself the chance to catch his breath.

When a comedian is enjoying himself as much as this, it’s hard not to be swept up in the fun, particularly since Munnery works so hard to maintain the gag rate. And even when things inevitably mess up, the results are still wonderful.

The Stand, 558 7272, until 26 Aug, 3.40pm, £10 (£9).