Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

*7Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade

The Balkan bad boys go straight to Hell in this unmissable comedy sequel

After the dramatic finale of their previous adventure, Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade accompanies the infamous siblings on an unforgettable journey to the underworld that tests their unique brotherly bond to its limit.

A mixture of physical theatre, puppetry, comedy and drama, Perilous Escapade is a fun and just about perfect piece of theatre: the script is witty and sharp enough to stand alone, but the skillful puppetry, and the gruesome two’s personalities, lend it a vicious edge.

Finding themselves back onstage after escaping Hell, they recount their recent walk on the dark side with more than a hint of classical mythology. But Hell and all the perils that reside within it, be they torture, guilt or even the devil himself, are nothing compared to the secret which one brother is hiding from the other.

The strength of this production lies not just in its inspiring puppetry, but also in its ability to laugh at itself, to improvise and to engage with the audience. Utterly hilarious from start to finish, Flabbergast Theatre have created a sequel which deserves an audience, while proving that serious skill is no impediment to engaging, funny and intriguing theatre.

Pleasance Courtyard, 0131 556 6550, until Mon 26th Aug, 23:10, £9–£11 (£8–£10)

Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade

  • 4 stars

The Balkan rogues use burlesque and improvisation to recount their tribulations in the underworld.