Husband and wife team YMAP give dance a new look Madame Freedom

This article is from 2013

Madame Freedom

credit: Madame Freedom Edinburgh International Festival

Hyo Jin Kim and Hyung Su Kim blend live performance with striking visuals

While some dance shows at this year’s Edinburgh International Festival are going for the stripped back and bare approach, YMAP (Your Media Arts Project) is taking its performance to the opposite extreme.

Named after the 1956 Korean film of the same name, Madame Freedom blends live performance with a range of striking visuals, shown on a three-sided performance wall and on the stage floor. The film – which caused an uproar on its release – follows the exploits of a Korean wife and mother who eschews the traditional female role of the time to go out dancing and have affairs.

‘I used a few clips from the movie,’ explains choreographer and director, Hyo Jin Kim, ‘and archived footage of the 1960s TV show to go along with the movements I created.’ 

Hyo Jin, who also performs the piece, was trained in Korean dance from an early age, before going on to study ballet and contemporary dance, all of which informs her work today. But despite the show’s title, the film’s subject matter has little bearing on the choreography Hyo Jin has produced.

‘I turned my Madame Freedom, who is an ordinary housewife in the film, into a woman travelling through different times and space,’ she explains. Working alongside Hyo Jin on the project, was her husband and co-founder of YMAP, Hyung Su Kim, who has also created Media Skins, the beautiful images on show outside the Usher Hall and Festival Theatre this August.

Both works ask the audience to look at technology and art in a different way. ‘I hope the audience can enjoy the interaction and walk away from the show feeling refreshed,’ says Hyo Jin. ‘As for what happens to Madame Freedom, I want to leave it to the audience to decide for themselves.’

King’s Theatre, 473 2000, 20 & 21 Aug, 8pm, £12–£30.

Madame Freedom

European Premiere: A two-dimensional, cinematic black-and-white woman of yesteryear struggles to break free of the social, economic and political straitjacket of the time, while a three-dimensional woman of here and now struggles to what … ? Break free … ? Of what … ? When the unfulfilled soul of a fictional woman surges…