Micheal Che: Cartoon Violence (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Michael Che

credit: Mindy Tucker

The New York comic shows skill at delivering solid material in front of a tough crowd

At the end, this tough, young, sharp comic who came up from New York City’s projects apologises for it being a ‘strange show’. Michael Che is referring to the row of humourless hecklers in the front who piped up intermittently, occasionally in a threatening manner. But no apology is necessary; Che manages the interjections with such grace and cheek that the local eejits end up making him look even better.

And then there was the 13-year-old kid, underage in a late-night show with his parents either side of him. ‘Wait ‘til you hear the second half of my show,’ Che says, seemingly somewhat nervous before running an XXX-rated routine. But he needn’t have worried; he handles the kid with such charm that once again he ends up on the winning side.

Che’s masterstroke, on a clearly tricky night, was to bounce back and forth between the annoying adults and the kid, while still maintaining his cool and the semblance of a routine that took in such serious issues as race and sexual politics. Would he have been as good with an easy crowd? One suspects, yes, he would.

Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until 25 Aug, 10pm, £10 (£9).

Michael Che: Cartoon Violence

  • 4 stars

Michael Che / The Assembly Rooms. Critics and audiences agree NY-based comedian Michael Che is a star on the rise. Recently named one of Rolling Stone's 50 Funniest People, Che's humour applies street culture to world issues with a delivery that the New York Times describes as 'a reflective, laid-back stage presence with…