Short & Curly: A Ripe Pear (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Short & Curly: A Ripe Pear

Sketch comedy duo don't let any opportunity for a laugh escape

A sketch comedy duo who, like the name suggests, are identifiable by their stature and hair type, respectively. The first sketch, set aboard the RMS Titanic, could have easily drifted into the treacherous waters of French and Saunders' famous parody, but safely avoids that iceberg of cliché.

From there, Sunday school teachers (who seem about as wholesome as certain ex-Blue Peter presenters), a Saxon king and Dr. Frank N Stein all make appearances as well-drawn characters in a series of zany episodes complete with some deliberately shoddy props.

The duo relies a lot upon one pretending to exasperated with the other, and their passing back and forth of this role works well, aided by some great stage chemistry. The jokes don't all land but a pervading air of fun keeps things moving. With the inclusion of a good amount of friendly audience participation and making a virtue out of the scene changes, Rebecca Shorrocks and Paul F Taylor don't let any opportunity for a laugh escape, even managing to find a novel way of asking for money at the end of the performance.

Ciao Roma, 557 3777, until 24 Aug (not 19), 3.20pm, free.

Short & Curly: A Ripe Pear

  • 3 stars

Sketch comedy duo Short & Curly are back with another mind bending hour of interactive mayhem. New characters, new locations, new shoes! She's short, he's got curly hair. They really are a ripe pear! Warning: this show contains scenes of a comical nature.