At Wit's End (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

At Wit's End

credit: Nick Rutter

Good chemistry but trite material from this sketch comedy show

If you’re trying to escape the railgun hustle and bustle of the Fringe, this might not be the show to remedy it. Spoofs from London-based sketch group Rankin & Holme are almost one a minute, featuring all the regular hang-ups of modern life: speed dating, Dragon’s Den, credit card woe and bitchy women.

This is mostly a watchable slice of sketch comedy, occasionally nailing slightly absurd bits, from arguments with the techie to a random appearance of Gollum. But they’re all mildly observed and passably performed, save for Glynn Jones whose timing and rubbery face outshines everyone else. He’s front and centre in this group, clearly a gifted comic performer with an utterly natural ability to play on the audience’s reactions. While the sketches drift along nicely, any greater success lies completely on his shoulders.

Clearly, the group have tight chemistry and have worked their sketches hard, but their material is too trite to get anywhere with an audience that has umpteen groups like this to choose from. They even mention that they want to be different, but it’s hard to see how.

C aquila, 0845 260 1234, until 26 Aug, 5.45pm, £7.50–£9.50 (£4.50–£7.50).

At Wit's End

  • 2 stars

Rankin & Holme. The show to shed light on light! Too many of us live in a depressed world - daily commuting, domestic boredom, the torture of average, mundane, day to day life… Luckily most of us know particular idiots who make us laugh and put a smile on our faces. At Wit's End sheds light on a few such characters…