Mark Smith: The Most Astonishing Name In Comedy (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Mark Smith: The Most Astonishing Name In Comedy

A pleasant exploration of the comic's inability to truly grow up

An act playing to just six people is all too common an occurrence at the Fringe. Even worse when at least one of them is a critic. But Smith is admirably upbeat about it, which has the immediate effect of putting us at our ease. He high-fives each one of us as he enters the room and sets to drawing us into his show, predominately bouncing off the four genuine audience members on the front row.

It's a test of a comedians' fibre that they're able to do such a thing and Smith is a great host. His is an amiable show in which he explores how, at 28, he still doesn't feel like a capable grown up. It's a revelation emphasised by the birth of his first nephew. And so he examines every part of his life from his technique of sizing the ladies up on escalators to his willowy arms. It has to be said that the gags don't produce huge, rib-shaking laughs but nevertheless he's an engaging performer with an entertaining hour.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 25 Aug, 9.35pm, £8.50–£10 (£7–£9).

Mark Smith: The Most Astonishing Name In Comedy

  • 3 stars

Gags and anecdotes from the 2009 'So You Think You're Funny' finalist and one half of sketch duo Dregs.