Lee Kern: Bitter Twitter (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

Lee Kern: Bitter Twitter

Wannabe blue-badged Twitter elite

Like many social networkers among us, Lee Kern is a man who both embraces technology and resents it. He wants to be one of the blue-badged Twitter elite: a genuine, verifiable celebrity who swaps jokes with his A-list cronies and can generate 400 retweets simply by saying ‘Good morning’. In his quest for Twitter fame he’s willing to go to any lengths: engaging established celebs with crucial questions (‘do you like crisps?’); breaking down their barriers with flattery (‘@Peter_Andre you are a really good dad’); or slating a national treasure to gain trolling infamy (‘If David Attenborough loves animals so much, why doesn’t he just fuck one of them?’).

Kern’s confessional delivery and amiable nature put him off to a good start – by exposing his own desire for glamour, he makes us feel ok about ours. Unfortunately, a show can’t continue on goodwill and camaraderie alone, and Kern’s rigid adherence to an underdeveloped core idea smacks of someone who wants Dave Gorman’s audience without that man’s canny grasp of high concept comedy. The show effectively boils down to Kern reading out his funniest tweets – a dull hour even in Stephen Fry’s company.

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Lee Kern: Bitter Twitter

  • 2 stars

Creator of C4's Celebrity Bedlam, Lee's hilarious new stand up show is a timely blitz on the world of twitter celebs. Smart, stupid, silly – Kern's mission to invade celebrity twitter cliques is as funny and absurd as some of the tweets sent by these twitter celebs with all the fame – but no shame. ‘Bonkers? Yes. But also…