David Mills: The Gospel Truth (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

David Mills: The Gospel Truth

Archly evasive persona of American ex-pat unleashes a gutful of ire

David Mills seems to hate everything. A dank cave in The Hive is the perfect setting for this irascible troll (not the internet kind). Dapperly dressed, the London-based American ex-pat unleashes a gutful of ire under the pretence of offering advice.

From beards to tattoos to Scottish independence to gay marriage – actually, all marriage – no quarter is safe from Mills' sarcastic disdain. Forget pandering to the audience, this is more like an evisceration. Mills gets away with it though by knowing when to hold back and when to let rip. He maintains tight control over the pace and tone and just when his cattiness threatens to sour the joke, he throws in a little vulnerability. The final set piece is a demonstration of the proper use of dynamics.

The copious local references slip perilously close to becoming an exercise in ticking boxes, but Mills' archly evasive persona, which casts constant doubt over which barbs he believes and which are tossed out for effect, keeps things interesting.

Heroes @ The Hive, 226 0000, until 25 Aug, 5.30pm, Pay What You Want or £5 in advance.

David Mills: The Gospel Truth

  • 3 stars

Pay What You Want / David Mills. Two parts Dave Allen to one part Rev. Billy Graham makes David Mills and explosive comedic personality. In the Gospel Truth, Mills is possessed by the spirit for a hilarious comedy revival meeting. Expect droll, stylish stand-up and inspirational rants. Mills dissects celebrity…