Alistair Green is Jack Spencer: Sex Addict (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Alistair Green is Jack Spencer: Sex Addict

Nicely-observed character and some gloriously inappropriate moments

You may know him as the face of Big Brother's Little Brother's Labrador's Cousin but Jack Spencer has been hiding a secret from us. His life, sheets and bannister rail have all been marked by his terrible sex addiction. Even Papa Smurf (not a euphemism for Viagra by the way) has the power to give him the horn. He expresses the depth of his problem and how he overcame it with graphic readings from his diary, performs his one man play utilising some drama school techniques and a there's a gloriously inappropriate appearance from Sooty's mate Sweep to warn the kids against the dangers of addiction.

It's a nicely observed character and despite the low turn out-in the room, Green isn't tempted to slip out (pardon the pun) of the role, he's totally committed. Spencer brims with self importance, is full of non-specific goodwill gestures in the direction of the bad 'thing in Africa', spouts new age spiritualisms and plenty of dodgy similes.

Any similarities to Russell Brand are purely coincidental, but don't, whatever you do, ask him about Amy Winehouse.

Just the Tonic at The Tron, 556 5375, until 25 Aug, 9pm, £7.50–£8.50.

Alistair Green Is Jack Spencer: Sex Addict

  • 3 stars

Join stand-up and nearly famous media personality Jack Spencer as he discusses his devastating sex addiction, global politics (time permitting), and performs extracts from his (potentially) award-winning one-man play. 'Undiscovered genius' (Guardian). 'Clearly has all the skills to go far' ( 'Deserves to be…