Bacon Face: It's all Bacon (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Bacon Face: It's all Bacon

credit: Matt Crossick

The Fringe’s worst-kept secret is out there

This cult Canadian comedian with a mask adorned by bacon proclaims that his target audience is the forest dweller of the Pacific Northwest and, really, there’s little chance of anyone else understanding his references. Given that this is the biggest comedy in-joke at the Fringe, fans of Stewart Lee are the ones rolling up to take in this hour of carefully-crafted silliness.

The look on the faces of a couple of bemused audience members suggests that not everyone was in on the gag, which in itself is fairly amusing. So, what would a semi-intoxicated, Rush t-shirt wearing stand-up who believes that many more famous acts have ridden to fame on his checked-shirt tails do a show about? Well, he’d have a swipe at those comics (Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, Stewart Lee) and bitterly discuss all of the form’s innovations that he claims to have invented.

What you wouldn’t expect is a very lengthy tale of being caught in a compromising position with a grizzly bear, unless you are familiar with the actual mind behind this material.

The Stand II, 558 7272, until 25 Aug, 1.20pm, £5.

Bacon Face: It's all Bacon

  • 3 stars

Not Sir Alex Ferguson (no, we didn't know he was called that either), but our favourite mysterious cult 1980s Canadian stand-up who wears a Mexican wrestling mask instead.