La Clique (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

La Clique

credit: Douglas Robertson

Offbeat revue, starring a stretchy blue leotard

After first popping up as a sprinkling of cabaret shows in the Spiegeltent's late-night club back in 2002, La Clique launched as a fully-formed, standalone Edinburgh Fringe show the following year. Now celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Australian-based cabaret circus outfit are, by this point, practically masters at the art of engagement and entertainment.

Admittedly, some acts come across a little more lukewarm than others at first but, covering a good few alt-showbiz bases with acrobatics (No Fit State Circus's Adie Delaney drops in via trapeze; Emma Serjeant wows with her handstand stunts), death defying roller skating (The Skating Willers – aka Jean Pierre Poissonnet and Wanda Azzario return) and sexy burlesque dancing (Sophie Zucchini scowls in lace), each do well in ending their performance on a high, leaving the audience a good mix of gobsmacked, and ready for the next thing to impress them. Despite the wide range of acts, it's Scotty the Blue Bunny who inevitably steals the show with his intimidating yet lovable charm. Who, after all, doesn't love a 46-year old gay man in a sparkly blue spandex rabbit costume and transparent stilettos?

Fringe favourite Piff The Magic Dragon makes a lovely surprise appearance with his even more popular chihuahua companion Mr Piffles. He really must be getting sick of kidnapping uncooperative princesses and pulling cards from dog food but those unfamiliar with him were undoubtedly charmed by his apathetic approach to magical comedy.

The key to a good variety show lies in the ability to keep the audience's interest continually piqued throughout the performance and, without a doubt, these folks still have this in abundance. Vive La Clique.

The Famous Spiegeltent, 0844 693 3008, until Sun 25 Aug, 10pm, £20 (£17).

La Clique

  • 3 stars

La Clique / The Famous Spiegeltent. The outrageous, unforgettable, five-star La Clique returns to Edinburgh for the world premiere of its new show. A magical cabaret like no other, La Clique was born in 2003 and went on to scoop a whole host of awards, including an Olivier, before travelling the world playing to sell-out…