Glenn Wool: This Road Has Tolls (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Glenn Wool: This Road Has Tolls

Comedy troubadour hits pay dirt

By Glenn Wool’s own admission, This Road Has Tolls doesn’t mean anything; there is no theme or unifying sentence or idea linking the jokes and anecdotes. Does this matter? Well, simply, no. If you go and see ‘GW’ (as he often refers to himself), it is not for enlightenment but to be entertained and he does this consummately. The show starts slowly, his topical intro covering Thatcher and the royal baby feeling forced and unnatural, but once he gets into his stride there is no stopping him as he moves through subjects as diverse as equine emancipation and the story of his worst ever flight. All of this is delivered with a combination of eye-bulging fervour, righteous indignation and offset with the right amount of knowing self-deprecation. Wool is a seasoned performer and if at times he seems to be working within himself, it doesn't distract the audience. With a litany of Asian puns and even an explanation as to who has caused all of the world’s problems, this is a show you should pay the toll to see.

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 26 Aug (not 12, 19), 9.50pm, £12.50–£14 (£11.50–£12.50).