Amy Hoggart as Pattie Brewster: Just a Normal Girl Doing a Cool Show


This article is from 2013

A character show gives paws for thought

Amy Hoggart’s character creation Pattie Brewster is a sweeter-than-the-sugar-coated-truth self-help happiness coach, and in this Pattie-centric show, Hoggart plays a shrill, emotionally unstable ailuromaniac (or crazy cat lady, to you and me). There’s Pattie Brewster’s Happy Cat Checklist for Human Happiness, which keeps its momentum up surprisingly well for a system that largely entails Hoggart superimposing her face onto the bodies of kittens. In fact, this crude slide show provides perfect – (yup, purr-fect!) – kitsch, kitty comedy, and there are moments of brilliance with the occasional cerebral quip that somewhat takes you aback. It’s a performance of two halves, with Hoggart weaving well-crafted maniacal moments into the show on one hand, and with the other, over-egging the pudding by taking tantrums too far. The pre-filmed performances are the real gems here, with members of the public caught on the hop and bamboozled by Pattie’s unique interviewing style. Pared down and sharpened up, this show could be a real winner, but as it stands there’s still a little too much that grates on the nerves.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, until 26 Aug (not 12), 4.20pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).


Amy Hoggart as Pattie Brewster: Just a Normal Girl Doing a Cool Show

Show And Tell In Association With DAA Management. Pattie Brewster is just your average non-creepy dream-girl. The author of several OK books (including Why Do I Have To Be Me All The Time? and Who's That Rashy Girl in the Corner?) discusses her latest self-help guide to life. Expect readings, pictures of cats dreaming…