Another New World (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

Another New World

A dramatic retelling of Franklin’s Arctic tragedy

In this low-key but entertaining take on Franklin’s doomed Arctic expedition, the four-strong cast consider the stories of both the men aboard ship and the women left at home.

Franklin’s goal is to find the Northwest Passage, which would open up new trade routes for the British Empire – so not only is his personal ambition weighing on him, but also the good of the entire Empire. It’s a large burden for one man, and with the loss of almost all his crew, Franklin quickly unravels.

Perhaps the most compelling parts are the fraught discussions between the women at home, left entirely without communication of what has happened to their men. It’s a shame that this aspect was not explored further, as it becomes a little tiring watching Franklin shout at shadows again and again.

For those who know nothing about the Franklin expedition, Another New World provides an interesting overview; those already familiar with the story will enjoy the emotional involvement with the characters. While not unmissable, this is not a bad use of a spare hour.

Cafe Camino, 243 3596, until 24 Aug, 5pm, free.

Another New World

  • 3 stars

Disaster in the Arctic. Only the Captain survives. Should he die with his men, or return home? Hero or coward? A gripping play echoing the tales of Shackleton and Franklin, following the plight of a Captain and his crew as they hunt for the elusive Northwest Passage. Captivating new writing from Chichester Festival…