Lady Rizo (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Lady Rizo

Sweeping vocals from New York's seasoned pro

As she prowls into the room, all foxy grey lace dress and huge eyelashes, there’s no doubting New Yorker Lady Rizo is a class act. Which is all to the good, with a tough Monday night crowd to seduce, and uninspired opener ‘Bali Hai’ from South Pacific to be forgiven.

The lacklustre start though is quickly forgotten, as the sultry chanteuse gets into her swing. For the most part her comedy interludes hit the high notes, whether she’s stuffing gloves in her mouth, spurting rose leaves on her audience, or berating her long suffering assistant.

A costume change in the middle in which she handpicks an audience member to unzip her behind a screen, only to probe them on how they lost her virginity, is a surprisingly touching exchange. But it’s the songs that really matter here and medley’s mixing the Pixies’ ‘Where is My Mind’ with ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ more than show her sweeping range and Amy Winehouse growl. Jamie Foxx’s daft ‘Blame It (On the Alcohol)’ gets a playful twist, as well as a taster from her debut album, before a high octane ending, complete with crazy hand-held flashlights, lays bare what this versatile vixen can really do.

Assembly Checkpoint, 623 3030, until 25 Aug, 7.40pm, £13 (£12)

Lady Rizo - Where Is My Mind / Over The Rainbow

Lady Rizo

  • 4 stars

The multi award-winning, cabaret superstar returns to Soho with her luscious vocals, irrefutable glamour and piercing wit.