Mark Thomas: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

Mark Thomas: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent

credit: Steve Ullathorne

Entertaining and inclusive dissension

This time last year Mark Thomas was hoovering up five-star reviews for a moving study of the relationship he had with his father. This year he is back on more familiar turf with his trademark combination of comedy, politics and activism.

The premise of 100 Acts of Minor Dissent is that Thomas has pledged to commit the eponymous deeds within a 12 month period which started in May of this year. In that sense this show is a genuine work-in-progress; an update, if you like, on what he has done so far. Some of the acts have been quite large-scale: invading an Apple store with a ceilidh band would elude the organisational abilities of the average activist on the street.

The real success is with the minor acts such as ‘book-heckling’, gloriously absurd in nature and small in scale; through these undertakings, he both entertains and inspires. More inclusive than some of his previous work, Thomas shows us how we can all join him in kicking back, even providing stickers to help get you started.

The Stand, 558 7272, until 25 Aug (not 12), 7.30pm, £10.

Mark Thomas: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent

  • 4 stars

The political heavyweight of the comedy world is renowned for causing mayhem in the quest for fairness and good. Tonight he talks about his many acts of dissent.