The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity (4 stars)

This article is from 2013

The Various Lives of Infinite Nullity

A Cheeky Peek Into the Void from Clout Theatre

Following on from their success last year with the wonderful How A Man Crumbled, Clout Theatre return to the Fringe with their new Lecoq-trained bouffon show. As ever, a conventionally linear narrative is not an option, and this show borrows (loosely) from the writings of Irish satirist Flann O' Brien.

Emerging from a plastic backdrop as though frozen, the mischievous trio of Sacha Plaige, George Ramsay and a particularly Puckish Jennifer Swingler come on like Enid Blyton characters in a parallel universe where they met the Devil, and bonded. Dubious-looking milkshakes, cups of tea (which become weapons) and blood sandwiches are their lunchtime snacks. This is a vicious, never-ending playground.

Elsewhere, their anti-sketches, which perilously allow the audience to laugh at casual violence and sexual deviance, take in banal confessions of the dead (''My husband had made a lasagne the night I topped myself'', Swingler gleefully states, with a fond chuckle) the eternal conflict between wife, husband and mistress and how to silence a blether. In Clout's hands, the screams may be deafening, but so too are the sighs of reassurance.

Summerhall, 0845 874 3001 until Aug 25th (not 12th ,19th), £10 (£8)