How to Occupy an Oil Rig (3 stars)

This article is from 2013

How to Occupy an Oil Rig

A useful guide for popular protest against unecological fuels

In these troubled times, with so much to protest against, we could all do with some tips. Enter Dan Bye with a news-you-can-use show full of interesting advice on bust cards and anti-tear gas remedies for those of us who would like the Arctic to stay frozen for the foreseeable future.

Two members of the audience, teacher Matthew and arts administrator Caroline, are chosen as the protagonists and played by each member of the cast in turn. (Bye in Orville-coloured bob, repelling Matthew’s advances, is a particular treat.) We follow them through their journey from cleaning oiled birds to occupying an … the title means there’s no need for a spoiler alert.

As well as appearing on stage in various guises (and wigs), Bye devised the piece with the other two members of the cast and directs with Dick Bonham. And while this works up to a point, his desire to shoehorn so many pertinent points into one hour and 15 minutes pushes the fourth wall to breaking point. It’s still a great idea. In fact there are enough great ideas in here for about three shows. I’d go and see all of them.

Northern Stage at St Stephens, 0131 558 3047, until 24 Aug (not 19), 12.35pm, £14 (£11).

How to Occupy an Oil Rig

  • 3 stars

There are all sorts of lessons to be learned in life. How to get served at the bar. How to crash a boardroom meeting. How to avoid becoming romantically attached to an undercover police officer. That sort of thing. In this playful and provocative show about protest, you'll learn how to do all of this and more. Funny…