Interview: LuckyMe’s first lady and newly hired DJ for Radio 1’s ‘In New DJ We Trust’ show, Eclair Fifi

This article is from 2013

Interview: LuckyMe’s first lady and newly hired DJ for Radio 1’s ‘In New DJ We Trust’ show, Eclair Fifi

Fifi discusses broadcasting on the world’s biggest radio station and Edinburgh’s growing club scene

This will be LuckyMe’s 7th Festival party in Edinburgh and the line-up is truly heavyweight – how do feel coming back to the Fringe for the seventh time? Obviously LuckyMe has gone from strength to strength over the last few years in particular, does it feel like things are just getting bigger and bigger year on year?
Doesn't feel like the seventh one at all! I’m still just as excited for this one as I was for the first one. Even though I don't take anything for granted, the bigger LuckyMe gets, the less surprised I am when the most crazy and amazing opportunities arise…so when I have the occasional reality check, it's pretty wild. So grateful.

With the success of Baauer, TNGHT and of course yourself, do you think LuckyMe is starting to be recognised even beyond what you might refer to as the underground? With Radio 1 picking up on so many LuckyMe artists it almost feels like anything is possible with regards to the mainstream audiences…
The term ‘underground’ is quite blurred these days I think. I personally don't see LuckyMe as mainstream, but we've always had interest from or been picked up by Radio 1 DJs or other establishments from early days. But yes, lately there seems to be more recognition and it's great because I truly think this music deserves to crossover to the wider audience – in our eyes we release pop music, rap, R&B, classical, house, jazz, etc – all of these genres have made the charts at some point in history!

You’ve obviously spent quite a while in Edinburgh both studying and DJing, do you think the capital’s reputation for clubs and parties is recognised beyond the Festival? There seems to be a lot of good stuff going on throughout the year now!
To be honest no, maybe years and years ago but I don't think it is recognised beyond the Festival just now. People compare this city to other larger cities too often when we should enjoy it for what it is. I've seen Edinburgh go through peaks and troughs – from old Pure days and parties everywhere to lots of venues closing and certain scenes dying out. Edinburgh used to disappoint me years ago, but lately there’s been an abundance of events popping up that's restored my faith again, for the size of this place, we're doing no bad.

Finally, we mentioned Radio 1 who you now have a show with via ‘In New DJ’s We Trust’. What’s it like being able to bring your sound to arguably the biggest radio station in the world?
Incredible, exciting, scary, etc! As cheesy as it sounds, it really is a dream come true. To go from broadcasting radio shows from my house as a teen and to then be doing this really is an amazing experience. It's so great to have a platform to share all the new music that I find or am sent from friends/respected artists/unknown producers/up and coming/etc and of course the latest LuckyMe material. Also having the opportunity to get indulgent and play my old favourites is obviously a huge bonus too!

Éclair Fifi plays alongside Rustie, Ben UFO, S-Type and The Blessings at LuckyMe’s 7th Festival Party on Fri Aug 9th at Sneaky Pete’s.


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