Made For Each Other (2 stars)

This article is from 2013

Made For Each Other

Can we really be honest with the ones we love?

Made for Each Other is another play returning to the Fringe after a successful 2012 run: a one-man show about Alzheimer's and gay marriage, it has John Fico take on four roles. Throughout the show, he restlessly jumps between the ‘fag over 50’ science teacher Vincent, ‘fairy over 40’ nurse Jerry, Vincent's Alzeimer's-suffering mother, and Jerry's dead grandfather (who now resides inside Jerry's head).

The couple meet in the dementia ward, where Jerry works and Vincent is visiting his mother. By the third date, Jerry proposes – but Vincent doesn't dare to admit that he's already showing signs of the disease. Several stereotypical gay issues are covered, such as coming out and male body image. However, the compelling themes are the more universal ones of genetics, family, and keeping secrets from the ones we love.

It comes so close to being a sweet love story, but the problem is that Vincent and Jerry's love is unconvincing – and it's hard to be happy for a couple when it doesn't seem they'll be happy themselves.

Sweet Grassmarket, 243 3596, until 25 Aug (not 20), 5.20pm, £8.

Made for Each Other

  • 2 stars

Atomic Force Productions. Gay marriage, with an Alzheimer's twist. Vincent's desperate to have at least one good year before he falls into what could be Alzheimer's. Should he tell Gerry before the wedding, and give him a chance to back out? John Fico ('…an incredible performance' ★★★★★ ThreeWeeks) stars in a Fringe 2012…