Media Skins

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  • 11 August 2013

This article is from 2013

Media Skins

credit: Hyung Su Kim

Open-air intervention transforms public spaces

As technology makes the global village ever more accessible, so cross-cultural international collaborations proliferate at an ever increasing speed. So it is with Korean artist Hyung Su Kim's large-scale open-air interventions, which take two major artistic hubs in the city, and swamps them with beamed-down LED images of both Scottish and Korean cultures. It's a trick Kim has been doing for some time in a variety of locales across the world, including both inside and outside buildings, public spaces and even mountains. In Seoul in South Korea, Kim projected work onto a building in a city square. The projections transform whichever space they're working with into an epic spectacle in which memory and history cross over to align a pathway to the future. Media Skins sits in the Edinburgh International Festival programme alongside work by other Korean artists, including the show at the Talbot Rice gallery by Nam June Paik, as well as Madame Freedom, a work presented by Your Media Arts Project (YMAP), an organisation led by Kim's wife, Hyo Jin Kim. 'What I do is basically managing time and space through media', Kim has said. 'I will show Edinburgh's rationality, history and the present with new interface and content.'

Outside Usher Hall & Festival Theatre, 9 Aug–1 Sep, free.

Hyung Su Kim: Media Skins

The Korean artist transforms space by constructing media facades of LED lights, creating images of both Scottish and Korean culture. The works are on display outside of the Usher Hall and at the Festival Theatre.