Fiona Banner: The Vanity Press

Three new videos explore publishing and performance


This article is from 2013.

Fiona Banner: The Vanity Press

When Fiona Banner began putting her work out under the name The Vanity Press in 1997, it was an ironic statement on how self-publishing was disparaged while Banner simultaneously seized the means of production for what was then a largely text-based canon, be it on film or in books. Fifteen years and one Turner Prize nomination on, this Edinburgh Art Festival show features three new videos: Mirror, a 'verbal striptease' based on a performance with actor Samantha Morton; Jane's, which parodies the hubris of sculpture-making; and Chinook, in which a choreographed Chinook helicopter performs an aerial ballet. The latter continues Banner's fascination with flight and military matters which has resulted in her penning a 1000-page book in which she described the plots of six Vietnam films – including Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket – in their entirety, as well as creating a sculpture of an RAF Jaguar for Tate Britain. Chinook itself takes an object of war and lends it a sense of beauty that takes it beyond the helicopter's original function in an exhibition in which Banner takes flight in a myriad of ways.

Summerhall, 560 1590, until 27 Sep, free.

Fiona Banner: The Vanity Press

New film works by the celebrated artist (Harriet and Jaguar, Tate Modern, 2010): Mirror, Jane's and Chinook.


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