Tracey Thorn brings Bedsit Disco Queen to 2013 Edinburgh Book Festival

This article is from 2013

Tracey Thorn brings Bedsit Disco Queen to 2013 Edinburgh Book Festival

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Making the leap from Everything But The Girl and solo artist to writer

For a long time, Tracey Thorn did not intend to release Bedsit Disco Queen. Since finishing her memoir in 2007, it languished in a box file while Thorn reignited her music career with a string of acclaimed solo albums, as writing the book made her realise she would rather make records again.

'I think when I said that, I had no idea whether or not I'd written a good book,' she says, 'or one that would interest many people. I've been thrilled by the response to Bedsit Disco Queen and it's definitely made me think I'd like to write another one. Non-fiction, not fiction!'

The book charts her life as a musician, first as a quarter of the Marine Girls, then as half of Everything But The Girl. She speaks frankly about the realities of working in the music industry, beautifully depicting the seductive highs, desolate lows and all the banalities and Spinal Tap moments in between.

Thorn has always tried to keep her public and personal life separate, for the sake of her own sanity as much as anything else. Has she found it difficult opening up her past to public scrutiny?

'No, it's fine. Don't forget, when you write a memoir, you, as the writer, are in full control, so you only reveal what you're comfortable revealing. It's a very different process to when journalists write about you.'

In fact, talking about her life in front of crowds has proved a lot less daunting for Thorn than performing music in front of them. 'I find the book events really easy and enjoyable, I think because there's no pressure to be anything other than yourself on stage. It's not really a "performance" so I find it a lot more natural.'

Charlotte Square Gardens, 0845 373 5888, 18 Aug, 8pm, £10 (£8).

Tracey Thorn

Sitting at home in 2005, Tracey Thorn realised she was no longer happy to be part of the show business feeding frenzy and decided to tell her story. And so, one of the finest pop memoirs in recent times, Bedsit Disco Queen, was formulated. In it she tells of her time as one-half of Everything But The Girl and how writing…