Skeptics on the Fringe explores myth superstition and pseudo-science

This article is from 2013

Skeptics on the Fringe explores myth superstition and pseudo-science

Serious talks during the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe madness

Now, what we want is, facts. And who better to join in the quest for the cold, hard truth than the bunch of curious evidence enthusiasts at Edinburgh Skeptics?

The group is dedicated year-round to taking a look at a range of topical issues and shining the bright lights of reason and critical thinking upon them (often with the aid of a medicinal pint or two). For the festival, they've put together a bumper line-up of daily events exploring some of the most pressing matters affecting science, media, politics and religion at the moment.

This week, engineering geologist Hazel Gibson explains the finer points of fracking, and examines public concern and negative media coverage of the process (Banshee Labyrinth, 16 August, 7.50pm), before BBC Panorama's John Sweeney continues his hobby of shouting at Scientologists with an exposé of the controversial organisation (The Jam House, 17 August, 3.30pm). Other highlights continuing until 24 August include events about circumcision, gay marriage from a legal perspective, the philosophy of time travel and whether or not animals can experience a placebo effect.

The events are all free and non-ticketed, with different speakers and topics every day, so you'll probably want to arrive early to be sure of a seat. Raised eyebrows all round.

Banshee Labyrinth, until 24 Aug, 7.50pm, free non-ticketed; also Jam House, weekend afternoons until 24 Aug, 3.30pm, free non-ticketed,

Skeptics on the Fringe

Daily informal talks from the Edinburgh Skeptics, exploring myth, superstition and pseudo-science. Ages 18+.

Skeptics on the Fringe: Science and Rationalism

Edinburgh Skeptics bring the Enlightenment back (again)! The award-winning Skeptics on the Fringe returns for its fourth year bigger and better. Join us every night for a different talk on science, reason and critical thinking as we exhume the Enlightenment spirit. See for details.